Skills and Labour

They always say the most important asset to a business is its people. Malaysia takes pride in ensuring that we have the best talent pool for all your business needs.

Multilingual Talents

bpo malaysiaMalaysia offers the investors a diligent, disciplined, educated and trainable labour force with diverse language capabilities.

Most people speak Bahasa Melayu in addition to English and/or Mandarin. Some also speak various Chinese dialects such as Cantonese or Hokkien. The country has a multicultural population with proficiency in multiple languages including Malay, Chinese, Tamil, Arabic, Persian, Japanese & Korean.

*Gartner 2013

English Proficiency

According to the English Proficiency Index conducted by Education First 2012, Malaysia is ranked at a ‘High Proficiency Level’ of 13th globally. Malaysia is followed closely by India (14th), then countries like Indonesia (27th), Vietnam (31st), China (36th) and Mexico (38th).

Test includes:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Listening

*Education First 2012

High Productivity & Efficiency

Malaysia’s Pay and Productivity Rank is at number 3, ahead of countries like China (16), Vietnam (18), Indonesia (34), Poland (38), India (43), Philippines (57), Brazil (81) and Thailand (130).

*Global Competitiveness Report, IDC 2012

Labour Market Efficiency

Malaysia takes 4th placing, ahead of countries such as India (13), Indonesia (9), Australia (22), Japan (14).

*IMD Business School

Positive Work Attitude & Practices

In ATTITUDE and VALUES, Malaysia takes pole position at No.1, beating countries like Australia (4), Germany (35), Japan (31), Thailand (19), Indonesia (28).

*IMD Business School, 2011

Management Practices

Malaysia is first amongst 58 countries, beating Australia (11), China (46), Denmark (2), India (26), the Philippines (32), Thailand (19), the UK (30) and the US (23).

*IMD Business School, 2011

Global Talent

By the Global Talent Index (GTI) Ranking, Malaysia is positioned at 36th, ahead of countries like Mexico (38th), Brazil (42nd), Philippines (44th), Thailand (46th) and Indonesia (58th).

GTI Categories include:

  • Demographics
  • Compulsory Education
  • University Education
  • Quality of Labor Force
  • Talent Environment
  • Openness and Proclivity to attracting talent

*Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) 2012

Education System

Malaysia’s Quality Education System is ranked at 14th, well ahead of countries like India (34th), Indonesia (47th), Philippines (45th), China (57th), Thailand (78th) and Brazil (116th).

*Global Competitiveness Report, IDC 2012


Malaysia’s E-Literacy is at 61%, leading countries like Brazil (50%), Mexico (38.9%), China (38.3%), Philippines (29%), Indonesia (18%) and India (10.1%).

*Global Competitiveness Report, IDC 2012