Why Invest in Malaysia

Malaysia is a vibrant nation with dynamic business environment. Under the Economic Transformation Plan, the private sectors are playing the leading role in moving the nation forward. Government policies are investor-friendly, designed to attract quality investors.

5137261_xlMalaysia boasts infrastructure and info structure that are conducive as well as comparable to any developed nations. At the same time, Malaysia continues to produce highly skilled workforce to support the nation’s growth.

Malaysian government through its various agencies consistently develop and implement growth and development programmes to ensure local enterprises meet international standards in various business aspects.

Conforming to international standards in the areas of business performance, operation management, marketing capability, talent development, management capability, innovation and financial capability will ensure local enterprises are equipped to thrive in their fields.

  • Strategic Advantage
    Malaysia is centrally located  in the SE Asian region which represents a regional market of over half a billion consumers.
  • Seamless Business Environment
    A business-focused government provides for a smooth and conducive business environment, backed by a focus on information security, minimal custom controls, attractive tax incentives, relaxed monetary exchange controls and attractive incentives for R&D.
  • Talented Workforce
    Malaysia has a growing  well educated, multi ethnic workforce that underpins a knowledge and service based economy.
  • Effective Resources & Skills
    Malaysia universities produce an annual output of over 135,000 graduates; many with experience in CRM, F&A, IT and HR Services.
  • World-class Infrastructure
    Malaysia’s cities are well-connected via land and air transportation services, in addition to High Speed Broadband (HSB) access and globally competitive telecom services, which are further enhanced by the latest fiber optics connection.

Skill specific programs are organized to continuously develop entrepreneurs and businesses to acquire relevant knowledge and know-how.

Malaysian government is committed to create a dynamic and progressive business environment to ensure potential investors are drawn into a thriving economy.

Malaysia has been ranked 3rd in the world as a global services location for eight years in a row
*Source: AT Kearney Global Services Location Index 2004-2011